Laya Yoga This term means latent or hidden. It is a system by which the mind is stilled and the inner force or kundalini energy is awakened and directed. Kundalini energy is also apart of Hatha Yoga practices, but in Laya Yoga this energy is given more mystical interpretations. Laya Yoga therefore concentrates on the chakra centers, believing that ultimately the chakras may be experienced as mystical reality.

Mantra Yoga A system of yoga which uses the power of sound for transformative purposes. All motion is accompanied by sound this includes sounds which are beyond the reach of the human ear. Mantras or sound vibrations can effect change in matter and in what is beyond matter, when specific sounds are spoken or even thought they bring about deep states of meditation. The highest Mantra is the sound of OM (pronounced OHM) has profound spiritualizing effects on the psyche. Sound vibration is at the heart of all matter and through the study of vibrations of sound comes knowledge of inner intelligence.

Bhakti Yoga This is the Yoga of devotion, this devotion can be expressed in many different forms. All men have an instinct for devotion which manifests itself sometimes as love of nature, music, art, relationships and social causes. Even the atheist will ultimately become a Bhaki Yogi by his devotion to freedom of thought. Everything is a manifestation of God or (All That Is) and so devotion to life in all its forms is seen as worship of God. In Bhaki Yoga you learn devotion to God or (All That Is) through devotion to life and love.

Karma Yoga The word Karma means action, it refers to the energy of action, or simply that which happens. Karma Yoga believe that there is an absolute connection between what occurs and the state of consciousness of the person to whom it occurs.The brain is an event forming psycho-physical mechanism which the spirit operates through thoughts, emotions and feelings, these thoughts and feelings circulate around core beliefs and intentions which then stimulate the brain to manifest three dimensional reality. You can only produce an outer reality which is the mirror reflection of your inner reality. This is what is meant when speaking about the law cause and effect in reference to Karma Yoga.

Jnana Yoga This is the path of knowledge, Jnana Yoga pays respect to mans intellect. The reality of the spirit is accepted and investigated with an open and curious mind. The intellect tries to unify itself to wisdom thereby surpassing its normal limitations. Janana Yoga is egalitarian, its excepts of all other philosophies and religions and wishes to exist beyond doctrine and ideological controversies.

Raja Yoga Raja Yoga teaches deep self respect. Raja Yoga study shows the way towards mastery of the self, the self is honored and regaled. Raja means royal, and it is their attitude that the universe exists for the self, ie. the exterior world seems to revolve about the self, all selves experience themselves as if they were at the center of the universe. Everything that exists, be it animal, mineral or plant is believed to possess a self, and God or (All That Is) grants each self the same illustrious illusion of centrality in regards to the rest of the universe. Understanding this, self respect will eventually flower into respect for all, this is why Raja Yoga is refered to as the (King of Yogas).


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