Welcome to Animated Stress Exercises. The 20 stretches in this section will help you to manage the physical tension associated with stress, they will also help to prevent future tension from building up. Before you begin, please read the Stress and Yoga page to deepen your understanding of what causes stress, and why yoga can help manage and control stress symptoms.
1 Palm Press 2 Upward Arm Stretch 3 Extended Arm Steretch 4 Bent Arm Stretch 5 Undulating Spine Stretch
6 Prone Half Lotus 7 Child Pose Variation 8 Woodchopper 9 Downward Facing Dog 10 Upwardfacing Dog
11 Reclining Side Twist 12 The Cat 13 Arm Forward Stretch 14 Neck Stretch Variation 15 The Crawl
16 Knee Squeeze Stretch 17 Horizontal Arm Stretch 18 Backward Hand Press 19 Shoulderlift 20 The Lion

You may want to read the Meditation page and the How to Mediate page, these two pages will give you further insight into what role Meditation plays in Stress Management. To help you with the physical practice of the stretches and postures animated below you should consider purchasing our synergistic DVD called "The Waterfall, Twenty Stretches For Stress" located in the Yoga Boutique section of this web site. This DVD will help you to correctly sequence these powerful stretches and postures. The "Waterfall DVD" clearly explains each stretch giving detailed descriptions of their physical effects and it their proper form. You may use this DVD in conjunction with the Animations to give you a more complete understanding of the pace and intensity of these exercises. The Essays, the Animations, and the "Waterfall" DVD, as well as email contact me, AVA, the instructor in the DVD and the creator of these animations, are all essential components of my unique Online Stress Management Program. Enjoy the Animations and I encourage you to email me if you have any questions about the Stress Animations, or my Stress DVD, "The Waterfall".

Please read the instructions at the bottom of this page before you begin these exercises.

Here are 20 Of The Worlds Most Effective Stretches For Stress


Stress in most typically held in the shoulders and the nap of the neck, so many of these exercises target these areas specifically. These same exercises are continuous motion exercises which are only to be held for a few seconds in their extreme positrons, so please read the instructions carefully. Whether you use the animations alone or have the aid of the "Waterfall DVD" to help you, I recommend that you start gradually then build up to a half an hour of practice everyday. You should follow each session with at least three to ten minutes of the Corpse Pose, folowed by one or two breathing exercises, please reference the Breathing sections of this web site.

You should never force any of these exercise, if you start to feel any pain or discomfort it is recommended that you stop exercising. Always stay focused on your body, feel it's movements, close your eyes and always breathe in and out through your nostrils. The Wood Chopper being the exception to this rule, with this exercise you should exhale very forcefully through your mouth. The Wood Chopper is a very powerful tension reliever and body energizer, but those with back problems might find it too demanding. The Corpse pose on the other hand demands total stillness and is the best pose to relieve stress. Always try to coordinate your breathing to the movements. The seated poses may be done in either the Full Lotus or Half Lotus pose or they may be done in a chair.

Steady effort will bring lasting results.


You may conclude your sessions with this Meditation.

Lay on your back on the floor in corpse pose and close your eyes. Slowly survey your body for tension, find areas where you might be holding your muscles unconsciously. Then mentally go to those muscles and suggest that they relax. Say the word relax to yourself as you let go of your muscles. Do this gradually from head to foot. After this become aware of your breathing. Simply feel your breath as it enters and exits through your nostrils. As the air rushes in through the nostrils feel its coolness inside of your head. Focus on this sensation of coolness and suggest to yourself that it feels very refreshing. Now refocus your attention on your bodies weight and mass. Feel the weight of your body laying on the floor and suggest to yourself that you are feeling lighter and lighter, less an less weighty. Do this again gradually. Imagine finally that you are as light as a balloon or a feather, do this with full sincerity. Imagine yourself drifting freely away as if your floating off in the wind. Let GO COMPLETELY. Stay with this image for at a few minutes, then return your focus onto the weight of your body. Feel your weight gradually returning. Now become aware of your senses one at a time, what is it that you hear, what do you taste in your mouth, what do you smell in the air. Then at the end of this process suggest to yourself that you feel very secure, protected and loved. Say to yourself I am at peace and I feel very healthy and very strong. Then finally say a little prayer of appreciation for all thats good in your life. Open your eyes and slowly sit up.

Try to set aside at least a half hour time for a session.


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