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Extended Side Angle Pose


(Caution, this pose may be slightly stressful on the knees, particularly if you have injured or have trouble with your knees.) This posture works the muscles of the arms, legs, back and torso. It strengthens and stretches all these areas.

Step your feet apart about four feet or as far as you can without discomfort to the hips. keep your feet parallel. Extend your arms out to the sides. Turn the left foot out to about a ninety degree angle and the right foot to a thirty degree angle. Keep the arms parallel, INHALE bend the knee of the left leg which is turned out ninety degrees. EXHALE descend into the posture by bending the left knee and bringing it over the left ankle. Place the left hand to the outside or the lateral side of the left foot. Reach over the right ear with the right arm. Look up towards the right hand. Place the chin near the right arm pit. A straight line should be formed by the arms sides and hips. Breathe deeply through the nose. Lift back up on the INHALATION. Now repeat the other side. Hold the pose for a min. or so on each side. You may repeat the whole sequence two times.

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