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Salutation to the Moon

"Salutation to the Moon" Purpose

This is the same as the "Salutaion to the Sun" which most people are more familiar with. The "Salutation to the Moon" is primarily meant as an alternative series designed for women, providing an extra stretch in the hips, shoulders and the hamstrings. These extra stretches make it even more effective as an all around conditioner for the body. The "Salutaion to the Moon" is performed later in the day while the "Salutation to the Sun" is practiced in the morning.

Salutation to the Moon Instructions

1) Stand with your arms bent at the elbow, hands together in prayer position in front of the chest.

(2) INHALE, raise your arms up over your head while leaning your torso slightly backwards. Look behind you. Hold for a brief second.

(3) EXHALE fold forward slowly bring your arms down in front of you, to the floor. ( knees are extended but not locked.)

(4) INHALE step your left foot back, straighten the left leg then straightening the right leg. Legs should be in a V position, EXHALE. Place your nose onto the right leg, then INHALE

5)Bend the right knee and come down into lunge position sit down into the pose. Feel it in the hips. look forward EXHALE

(6) INHALE While in the lundge position, lift your arms up above the head the EXHALE and bend backwards. INHALE bring your arm back infront of your chest and lift yourself up, right knee bent, now step the right foot back beside to meet the left foot. Flaten your back and EXHALE completely, you are now in (downward facing dog) position. INHALE then EXHALE, lower your body down to the floor, bend your elbows, and rest on your hands. The hands, chin, knees and toes are all touching the floor.

(7) INHALE, raise your head, shoulders and chest into the cobra position. The hips should not leave the floor but for those who are able, go from downward facing dog position, straight to cobra position. ont the EXHALATION.

(8) INHALE, raise your body to the downward facing dog position. EXHALE.

(9) INHALE, Step forward with the left leg, then straighten the front left leg and the back right leg. The legs are in a V shape, place the nose onto the left front leg, Then EXHALE.

(10)Lower the body into lunge position on the eft leg and INHALE, lift the arms above the head, EXHALE lean back, INHALE come back into lunge on the same left front leg then EXHALE.

(11)INHALE Lift the buttocks up while you step the right leg forward to meet the front left leg. Your head is down both legs are straight, your nose is touching both knees.

(12) INHALE lift the torso and arms up into standing position.

(13) EXHALE and assume prayer position ready to begin another round.

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