Om Symbol Meditation

The most sacred object of meditation is the symbol OM.

The Om symbols definition is some what controversial. I know of several different interpretations of the elements that compose this wonderful symbol. Even the spelling is a point of contention, it is spelled either Om or Aum. Instead of waisting time arguing about which interpretation is more the correct one, I prefer to give you what I consider to be the most sublime, poetic and insightful interpretation. This interpretation is from the works of the Master Sivananda. In his very inspired vision, the Om symbols ancient design is seen to be a symbolic model of the various psychological compartments of the psyche. This model of the psyche shows us all the states that our consciousness can take, and thier position or relationship to one another. The Om symbol is really like an inner dimentional map of the various compartments of human consciousness and the relationship each has to the divine within.

The long lower curve represents the dreaming state.

The upper curve stands for the waking state.

The curve which emanates from the center represents deep sleep beyond dreams.

The crescent stands for the veil of material illusion.

The dot is the transcendental state.



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