Yoga Meditation

This magic moment, this eternal and divine moment, where everything lives and is. Within the moment we are connected, one to all. Through the moment, we share reality with everything that exists. Think of it, the whole universe fits in this brief span of time. You can only breathe in the moment, take action in the moment, you can only exist in the moment. The moment is a sacred place where energy is born out of spirit, where many realities merge and exchange energies. You are a part of this vast energy happening, you are never left out, so seize the moment and Meditate.

Your consciousness may be described as self aware energy, which is operating in cooperation with all other forms of aware energy, to miraculously create life in a moment in time. All energy is conscious, from the simplest atom or molecule all the way up to to the most complex life form, all energy is aware of itself as itself. Not all energy which exists can be self reflective, but all energy, none the less, is conscious. The more simpler forms of consciousness, such as a rock or an atom has, do not have the compartment of the ego, so they have no need for our particular brand of self reflection. Yet all life both the simple and the complex meet consciously to create our universe in all its extraordinary detail, all at once, right here in this very moment. With meditation you will be able to tap into the moment and become aware of yourself as member of this vast energy phenomenon. You may then, intentionally or even accidentally, uncover your primal connection with God or (All That Is).

Meditation is simply intensely focused awareness which then, like a laser light, illuminates that which it is focused upon. The most interesting subject of meditation is you or your spirit. Let me clarify this a little, you don't actually have a spirit, you are a spirit. You are a spirit who is made of many conscious forms of energy which exist beyond the physical dimension, yet these same forces also allow you to exist in the physical world. You are suspended in the medium of the moment which is constantly metamorphosing and which gives the sensory impression of forward movement. The moment is a place from which you can access other dimensions of your own consciousness and other types of consciousness with other kinds of time and physical references. These other conscious elements of your psyche are usually hidden from your normal conscious awareness but they may be accessed through meditation. Once you start to pay attention, to concentrate on your inner world you will notice many clues coming from these other equally conscious parts of your inner being. These clues or idea impressions will slowly reveal the extraordinary creature that you actually are, and these revelations will continue to nourish you through all the countless moments of your life.

The moment is a great cosmic meeting point, it is an intersection for many levels of reality, the moment is also where your will power is most effective, and from where it is primarily controlled. You can have the most effect on your current reality as well as your past and future realities by being completely alert and conscious within the moment. The more focused you can stay within the moment, the greater becomes your ability to assert your will power, to sharpen intellect, and to realize your natural telepathic powers, as well as to to uncover your latent ability to see into other dimensions of realities which also use the moment as their hub.

There are many rewards that come from meditation including, peace, joy, unconditional love and a deep inner confidence. Yet Meditation's greatest accomplishment is to reveal the tremendous resources of your immortal soul. As you come to know yourself more deeply feelings of ecstasy and joy are frequently experienced, these are natural emotional reactions to the perception of the divine within, and these feelings, if embraced, will gradually blossom into an overwhelming love for all life.

Meditations can also give your mind a well deserved rest from the torments of obsessive circular thinking, the constant drum of negative ideas and memories or just trivial thinking which can led to boredom with life in general. To achieve deeper states of meditation your attention must be taught to turn away from your every day thoughts and moods. You must clear your mind of the steady stream of thought traffic which pervades it. By learning to control the focus of your attention on a single object you can start to experience the first levels of meditation. I have some meditation exercises on this web site, you can go to (How To Meditate), this page may be accessed from the home page. Meditation is really not as difficult as it may at first seem. Everyone should be familiar with some states of meditation because meditation is really quite natural and spontaneous. When, for instance, you are reading a good book or concentrating on anything you find very interesting, you will naturally fall into certain mild to deep states of meditation. Paying attention to a task or a subject is normal for your mind and this is the kind of state of mind you are deliberately cultivating when you meditate. This is riveted focused awareness which you can then consciously direct, using your will and intent, onto any subject which concerns you.

There are so many benefits to meditation that its surprising that it is not a required course of study in universities. The word meditation itself comes from the Latin word (mederi) which means to heal, meditation heals the mind of psychological stress as it provides it with space to let the mind and the body heal itself. With meditation you can deliberately enter into deeper states of awareness, states of awareness in which you can project the healing focus of your own psyche onto any condition or problem you may be having. Concentrated awareness or Meditation is one of the greatest healing forces ever discovered.

There is no invention to rival your own psyche as the ultimate probe for uncovering the secrets of nature or your soul. In more developed stages of meditation an interesting phenomenon may sometimes be experienced, there are moments when your sense of time and space will begin to alter. In these states you will begin to feel a new freedom from time's usual constraints and from the physical limitations of your environment. In these deep states of meditation your mind may experience itself as an open expanded field of alertness, which may encounter timeless action in alternate realities. Meditation is the method by which you can explore other worlds of experience within you. In these states you will discover a whole new identity, a purely spiritual identity, an identity which is far more expansive, far more aware of the eternity of life than you are now.

You should Meditate with great anticipation and curiosity, let your own psyche become a fascinating subject for your investigation and inquiry. Allow the secret forces and powers which dwell within you to reveal themselves to you gradually. In deep states of meditation you are making yourself available to subtle forms of non-physical data which is always streaming in behind the veils of your normal consciousness. The skills that are needed to achieve these deep states of meditation are acquired through desire and consistent practice. With practice you will begin to experience deeper states of meditation more quickly and easily.

If you to set aside regularly scheduled sessions and then create a little ritual around your meditation session, this ritualized behavior will also help to trigger your mind into deeper states of meditation more spontaneously. As meditation becomes a regular part of your day you will come to truly appreciate the power and majesty of this magic moment.

What is you and What is me

Together lets unravel the mystery

It may be very deep, as deep as your sleep

So stand at the edge and just leap

Written by Avananda




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