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Half Lord of the Fishes Pose


This pose stretches the entire spine, it gives you a full spinal twist. Helps to align the spine.

INHALE, fold your right leg under the left thigh, and bring the the left heel along the side of the hip. In this half pose you do not sit on the heel. Now cross your left leg over the right knee. Put the bottom of the left foot on the floor next to the right thigh. Exhale as you keep your chin up slightly, turn your head and shoulder in the direction of the bent left leg. As you turn extend the right arm from the shoulder. Press the back of the upper right arm against the outer knee and thigh of the left leg. Try to reach the right arm pit to the outside of the left knee. Then twist and look behind you, clear the chest past the thigh. Breathe deeply through the nose, relax the back muscles then adjust for maximum stretch. Hold this pose for as long as you can without strain. Then on the EXHALATION release and unwind from the pose. Do the same sequence of movements on the other side. This pose may be preformed once or twice a session.

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