The Nature of Enlightenment


The state of enlightenment is not as mysterious or alien as you might imagine. Within your everyday mind is the ghost of your higher mind, from which you are receiving nourishment and life. The energies and the exquisite reasoning of your higher spiritual mind is always a part of who you are, it is the reason you are. You are composed of a multiplicity of selves, subconsciously woven together and secretly communicating, the low with the high, the high with the low. Your higher spiritual self is located within you and it communicates with you in various ways, mostly through your imagination, your creativity, and your loves. When you become fully aware of the presence of your higher spiritual mind, you are filled up with a tremendous energy and clarity, you become dimensionally expanded, you become enlightened.

Spirituality or enlightenment is not something you achieve, as much as it is something you notice, this is because your higher mind already exists within you now, you don't need to create a higher consciousness, you just need to become aware of it's presence. It is easy to understand how you can become distracted by the beautiful displays of your senses, or by your daily worries and concerns, you are simply too preoccupied by the glories and agonies of living to notice God within you. Your everyday mind needs to focus intensely on your earth life to ensure that your body will survive there, and so the demands on your conscious attention are quite justified. Earth life has great purpose and meaning, it fulfills your present dreams, but your exclusive focus on this three dimensional plane has unfortunately robed you of another great adventure, the adventure of inner spiritual discovery.

In the Yoga Traditions section of this site, I describe briefly the seven main branches of yoga which were created to meet the needs of individuals seeking enlightenment. There are many roads to this state of inner awareness and understanding, to the state of enlightenment. Yoga philosophy understands that everyone is an individual so they will need different methods to comprehend the same truth.

Enlightenment may be achieved in many different ways, it may occur to you all on your own, or you may need the help of an enlightened guru, someone who can guide your search. Many people spend a whole life time in search of enlightenment but never end up experiencing it. Enlightenment is sometimes easy to miss because it is too close to you. Then other times it may occur spontaneously, without you consciously seeking it or wanting it, this is a mystical revelation. On these occasions enlightenment seems to take place instantly or over night. This usually occurs because spiritual understanding may become an urgent need which your normal consciousness is still not quite prepared for. Your ego is then prepared in the dream state instead. In these cases the conscious ego may have become too embroiled in negatively charged beliefs and so became unable to grasp spiritual knowledge directly, yet it's subconscious need for spiritual knowledge, none the less, magnetically attracted the spiritual knowledge. Then your normal consciousness would be expanded suddenly and all at once. Like a shower of stars falling In a single moment, your mind which was already prepared subconsciously, is unable to resist your higher spirits brilliant show of urgency and so is totally transformed, you then magically become enlightened.

Your normal consciousness is never isolated or locked into three dimensional reality, it only thinks it is. In fact the lines of communication between your ego or normal consciousness and the spiritual realm are constant and vigorous, like lightning flashing off on the horizon. Any apparent barrier between your ego and your higher consciousness is purely psychological. This barrier may be quickly transcended by a sudden upsurge of spiritual insight which comes through emotional channels. Enlightenment may also be caught through the psychic atmosphere as when for instance you enter into the magnetic field which is created by a strong, spiritually centered guru, the type of guru who is able by his presence alone to alter thought patterns in the minds of his students, and thus open them up to their inner spirit by means of telepathy.

So enlightenment is not impossible to achieve, even your ordinary mind can lead you into enlightenment because the ordinary mind is not really so ordinary. There are glimpses of other spiritual realities which come and go without notice behind the parade of your ordinary thought patterns. Even on a small scale a sudden realization may occur to you, or a knowing which has no reasonable origin, a non verbal comprehension which trancendes your ability to express its absolute reason, and sometimes even a sense of morality which has not been learned. These are ideas and concepts which may appear as if by magic into your everyday thinking. These concepts will seem to emerge from the boarders of your psyche, flashing in like lighting, these are the traces, the evidence of another universe of the self. Stay vigilant.

It is as if you are living on the edge of a great cosmic white hole, where instead of everything being pulled in towards itself, like a black hole, everything emerges from it and is being pushed out towards you. This supra-cosmic white hole can be conceived of as the very epicenter of your own greater spiritual reality. Your ordinary mind is like a satellite at the rim of this great cosmic white whole which gives you life. These extraordinary forces are within you, they are you,they gave your being birth, and so you are made from the same stuff. Spirit is your heredity, you are it, therefore your normal every day conscious mind may lead you quite naturally and spontaneously into a state of enlightenment, it is your original home.

So anyone who is enlightenened is absolutely aware of the spiritual origin of his own consciousness, and he or she realizes that everything in life is conscious and comes from spirit and will return to spirit. All his thoughts and actions will reflect this constant awareness. Every one of you is a spirit, whether you are aware of it or not .

That said, to know yourself more deeply is to realize a hidden resource, an invisible treasure, which exists within your being. When you are enlightenened you are literally filled with light energy, which is the felt energy of your extended awareness. Enlightenment is this overwhelming realization of the infinite power and beauty of the soul, this knowledge will then transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. With enlightenment your small single life can have an atomic effect on the rest of world, as well as on your own greater soul.

Spirituality or enlightenment is part of the evolution of the soul and will metamorphose you into an entirely different kind of human being, one who's reach will not be confined just to three dimensional reality but rather to multiple dimensions of reality. Enlightenment creates a being who realizes that they are a spirit, a creature who can fearlessly confide in his own being, and there find an infinite universe to astound him .

Written by Avananda

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