The Nature of Dreams

What are dreams? Why do we dream? At this moment in history we are unable to completely define the true nature of dreams with present technology. Brain scans can show us patterns of electrical energy, but what that energy means to the dreamer has not been completely understood or defined. Those lines on graphs which are produced when we dream can not show us what is being experienced by the dreamer.

Dreams are emotionally intimate, immediate and real, yet they also seem very distant, confusing, and sometimes mysterious. Do dreams exist in a separate reality or are they mear shadows of our conscious thinking a psychological waste basket for all our worries and fears? The truth about dreams is far more interesting than has been speculated. Dreams are in fact a separate reality which is as real as our conscious reality and that reality serves several very important purposes. No scientific graph or instrument could ever begin to show us the extraordinary complexity and meaning of our dreams.

To understand dreams we must investigate our own dreams. We can launch daring expeditions into the inner space of dreams without the need of physical space ships or cumbersome hardware to impede our movements. There is really only one way to travel to these inner dimensions and that is with the trained and focused consciousness of our mind. We build these dream vehicles with intention and will. There are passage many ways into these vast interior worlds we only need to be aware of our selves as we pass into them every night.

We normally go into dreams but can only recall bits and pieces of the experience. The acceleration of consciousness that takes please during certain phases of dream state usually makes too difficult for our normal consciousness to follow along so it is just left behind. But with mental training our normal consciousness can be trained to respond to and incorporate new ways of perceiving and retaining dream information. Within the dream state there are laws that govern energy and events just as there are in the conscious world. We can learn to obseve these laws and to dunction within them without being overwhelmed. by not trivializing our psychological experiences and pretending that we are not having these experiences we can develope greater retention and appreciation of thier complexity. You may feel privately that dreams have great purpose and meaning yet you may be unable to interpret their meaning for yourself or you simply cant remember most of their details. For a lot of people dreams are an enigma yet we go there every night, where do we go exactly and what happens to us there? When we wake up each morning we may have a sense of what went on in our dreams but we don't usually believe that those activities were very important.

Dreams are so important that we would go mad withoout them. They effect our current life and our future life, they can effect our past from the present and our present from the future. Dreams effect our life at all time intersection. What sorts of things go on in a dream you may wonder. You may not be able to follow your dreams but you have an alter ego, a dreaming self who is extremely active mentally and who is totally conscious. The dreaming self is as conscious as the waking self is even more conscious than the waking self is. The dreaming self is able to process far more information than your waking self can. The dreamer can compute data more rapidly and accurately than the conscious self, it is much smarter than the waking self on many levels. The dreaming self is capable of what can be termed multiple-cognition, it is able to divide itself into many points of view therefore it is able to perceive from several perspectives simultaneously. The dreamer can literally be in more than one place at one time and can conceive more than one thought at one time.

The dreamers experiences in its own context are very real and as valid as any waking experience is. The dreamer is always learning, creating, developing, evolving. The dreamer is a being who is simply another version of you. The dreamer is alive, conscious, and absolutely connected to you and your waking life. Your dreaming self helps you to create your waking life in very practical ways. There are many compartments to dream reality as there are in the realms of death. Dreams are of course highly personal yet dreams also serve humanity on global level. Great social movements and ideas are first explored and tested out in shared dreams, then they may be implemented later in the waking environment. Within dreams probable actions are tested and refined for both the individual and for societies in general we all share in the overall historical actions of any period of history we live in and dreams are the means by which we evolve as a species both genetically and culturally.

The dream connect this physical universe with the vast dimensions of our inner universe. Dreams are at the center of a galaxy of other worlds and other existences. Great things are accomplished in the dream state amongst these is the construction of our day to day physical reality. This is accomplished for the individual and for the species with colossal movements and organizations of energy and it happens so naturally that we pay little notice of it at all.

In dreams we set our goals and plan the next days events. We can catch ourselves in dreams of this nature as we deal with all the practical considerations of our life. But there are other areas in the dream world that are more mysterious, where our concerns are much less with our physical existence and more with the seeking out experiences in far away dimensions of ourselves that exist within us, experiences that take us to the very edges of consciousness into alien ways of percieving.

The dreams can be described as electromagnetic fields all connected and each defining an environment with unique features and laws. These fields of energy span out from our ordinary consciousness which can be envisioned at the center. Each area or field of energy exists further and further out from our ordinary consciousness vantage point.

Usually when we enter into the dream state our conscious mind is not able to follow the rapid changes in consciousness and so our normal mind is usually left behind. In the morning when we awaken we are barely able to recall the flurry of psychological activity that took place out in the more remote zones of the dream, this is why dreams can often seem to be so bizarre and pointless.

Dreams are not pointless or bizzare on the contrary within them are vast stores of information and living data and this information is always available to us, we simply have to learn how to retrieve it. Each zone of the dream field is open and accessible at various points there are never any closed systems within us. The conscious mind of man as it is now can only handle a limited amount of this alternative conscious information data therefore certain areas of the dream state ill seem to be irretrievable blurry and confusing.

Think about it, we all dream, everything dreams, all cellular based life forms dream. Actually all the physical matter in the universe dreams. Everything is conscious and everything dreams. Great fields of communication exist within the dream environment where the enormous cooperative venture of life on earth is maintained and organized. Within dreams are answers to mankind deepest questions about human existence on earth as well as the history of animals and plants. Dreams also contain answers to questions about our future survival on earth. There is so much practical knowledge to be obtained from the dream universe that it staggers the imagination.

Lets begin to use our dreams to help us in your daily life. We go there every night so lets go there with conscious purpose. Before you fall asleep foster an attitude of curiosity and adventure about your dreams and as you slip into the dream state, ask yourself to remain alert for as long as possible within the dream. It would also be helpful to keep a dream journal and to believe in your dream experiences. Use your dreams wisdom and insights to help you in your everyday life. I wrote a poem on the subject of dreams, I hope you like it.


Full moonlight

Little towns tucked in for the night

Bodies in thier beds lay empty

While their souls slip away so stealthily

Where do they all go

Like ghosts in a row

Marching out into the bright moonlight

Lifting thier wings, they take flight

Worries and wows, wraped tenderly

Carried with, like a memory

Then tossed into the cooling stream

of a self projected dream

Where do they roam

Each night when they abandon thier beds and thier homes

Trails of smokey white light beams

Spins, spirals, zooms, from behind their time machines

Crsytal palaces can often be seen, shimmering pink and green

With wet violets growing in the grass in between

What great artists, poets, heros, and kings

Are souls who have dream wings

Death decieves, the dream is true

I'm a phantom dancing, who are you

Catch the tailcoat of your soul

Stay alert, this side of your goal

Then you will be able to recall

What happens after gentle sleep falls

Let your dream images linger

Taste it's honey with your fingers

Fearless innerspace travellors

Using no planes, no motors

They go faster than the speed of light

They go beyond the most distant starlight

So fast it shakes and rattles

The memories of their nightly travelles

When they return to their beds, where thier bodies lay

Their dreams just fade away

Eyes all open to the morning light

Refreashed from the adventures of the night

Mysteriously, they all go about thier day

As if they had never even been away


Sweet Dreams

All Rights Reserved 2005 © EdenMulti Media