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The Corps Pose

Corpse Pose Purpose

The Corpse pose releases tension from all the muscles of the body. This pose is done to restore strength and energy. You may start and the end your yoga sessions with the corpse pose.

Corpse Pose Instructions

Lie down on your back, arms at your side away from the body, palms up fingers curl in without tension. Eyes are closed, chin slightly forward so that the back of the neck is on the floor. Feet are kept apart but not too far that the hips are uncomfortable, the toes should face out, heels in. Relax the thigh and calve muscles completely. Squeeze the buttocks together then let go and relax the buttocks and hips . Push the shoulders away from the ears then let go of the shoulders completely.Turn the neck from side to side, then rest the head on the floor face up. Open the mouth slightly, this will release the tension from the mouth and face. Feel peaceful and at rest, consciously relax your whole body. Imagine a sense of well being throughout your body. Feel as if your floating over the floor. Stay suspended for as long as you can. Then return the body back to the floor by consciously feeling each part of your body starting with the toes and progressing up the body to the top of the head. Feel the floor beneath your body with successive parts of your body. Tell yourself that you feel energy entering your body as you concentrate on it, segment by segment. Suggest to yourself before you open your eyes, that you feel extreamly healthy peacefull and secure, this phychic message will literally bring added energy and health to your whole system.

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