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Camel Pose


This asana stretches the upper and lower thigh and knees. It limbers the entire spine and pelvis. It will open the chest allowing for deeper breathing. The focus point is the spine.


Kneel on the floor, knees slightly apart, toes pointing straight back. Place palms on the hips toward the back. INHALE press the hips forward, lift the rib cage up and extend and arch backward, EXHALE. INHALE then EXHALE reach back with the hands and grab the heels, right hand to right heel, left hand to left heel. Thumbs are on the outside of the foot. Drop the head back and EXHALE completely Then hold for a few seconds. Continue to press the hips forward . Squeeze the buttocks muscles together. Hold for several breaths. INHALE lift the head up, place the hands on the hips and tilt forward into a straight line and EXHALE. Preform once or twice.

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