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Both Big Toe Pose


This pose is primarily for the spine. It will massage the entire spinal column, stimulating each vertebrae. The muscles of the legs are stretched particularly the hamstrings. It is a good warm up exercise for the spine and is also a lot of fun.

Begin from a laying down position. It is important not to bend your knees if you can. INHALE, now tilt back slightly and raise your legs. Grab the toes or the ankels or the back of the calves with your hands, EXHALE. INHALE then EXHALE keep the head centered, hold on tight and bring both legs over the head, toes to the floor behind your head. INHALE roll up to balance on the buttocks again while holding on to the toes. Do the best you can with this pose, if in the beginning you bend your knees its ok. Repeat three or four times.

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