This is the most effective and powerful of all the various exercises to raise Kundalini. Bhastrika is the king of Pranayamas, it will revive and stimulate the nervous system and the circulatory system. It will clear the mind of confusion and enhance your powers of focus. The body is successively heated then cooled creating a condition of optimum energy transference.

Instructions for Bhastrika Breathing Exercise

Bhastrika consists of a series of pumping motions, very fast and forceful. Take air in and out through both nostrils, use all the muscles of your respiratory system. Then close off both nostrils and apply both Jalandhara and Moola Bandha while retaining the breath. Then you raise your head and exhale through the right nostril to cool the body down. Now apply Uddiyana Bandha directly after the exhalation. This constitutes one round.

Begin your practice with three rounds of ten pumping motions and then very gradually work up to a maximum of eight rounds of a hundred pumping motions.

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