Beliefs are the roots from which your life's experiences grow. The events which you will encounter throughout your life are attracted to you by your beliefs, your intentions, and desires. Beliefs are the most fundamental and essential component of the mechanism by which you form your everyday reality. mountonhighYour beliefs are also responsible for shaping your character and your character is in large part what shapes your future. Beliefs create a psychological condition which attracts events to you with what is equivalent to an electromagnetic force. Beliefs bring you in touch with those elements in nature which will likely lead to their affirmation and fulfillment, in this respect, like attracts like. In Yoga this event creating phenomenon is classified under the laws of Karma. You create your Karma with the power of your beliefs, your will, and your desire. In the solar system of your psyche, your will and desire orbit your beliefs, and they are both under your beliefs direct influence and dominance. Your will and desire are the catalytic forces by which your beliefs become manifest. Your beliefs inspire your will and desire and provide them direction and purpose. Your beliefs take center stage in shaping your personality or your character and ultimately your whole life's destiny, this is why you should take your beliefs very seriously, they are the primal psychic force behind all the events that you will experience in your life.

You generally acquire your core beliefs or your most fundamental beliefs from either your personal religion or your education or from your family and friends. If you fully understood the karmic price of your beliefs, you would perhaps choose your beliefs more carefully. Everyone has beliefs, even those who profess to believe in nothing are still drawing events to themselves that are refective of the belief in nothing. The fact is your beliefs are drawing your experiences to you. This singular realization will help you to comprehend why you may be having certain types of unwanted experiences, or why some of your behaviors may seem to be beyond your control. When considered in the light of this understanding about the power of beliefs it may well be that the source of your problems are a self adopted set of negative beliefs, some of which you may be consciously aware of and some of which you may not.

To stop negative events or negative behavior from happening to you, you should become more consciously aware of your own belief framework. To do this effectively you should try to track down negative beliefs by tracing the emotions, thoughts, and feelings which are evoked when you recall any negative event or any negative behavior. Follow your feelings or emotions back to their source, to the core belief which is usually tied in with those feelings. Begin to impartially investigate your own mind, examine what ideas or beliefs have become a intregal part of your psyche. You may find a particular belief or even a group of beliefs that are the very ones which are provoking the unwanted behaviors or events.

You owe it to yourself to change any belief which is causing you pain and suffering. You need to become a sort of psychological archeologist, digging out the underlying structure of your own psyche, digging to reveal what your psychic foundation is really made of. When you do find some negative beliefs which you no longer wish to support, you must simply discard them, throw them out, empty the container, take out the mental trash. Realize that deep down inside you there is a person who has simply decided to accepted the belief, and this original person is not dependent on that belief for his or her survival. You are not your beliefs and they are not you. You must become the conscious arbiter of your beliefs. You can freely choose to believe anything you want,choose it and then believe in it, who can stop you.

One day you may wake up and decide to change your all your negative beliefs, well of course it might not be that easy because of the existence of psychological blocks surrounding your negative beliefs. These blocks can often make the detection of negative beliefs difficult. Beliefs are able to convince your intellect by their sheer emotional power and myopic logic, that they are reasonable and valid, therefore the relationship between negative beliefs and negative events may not always be immediately obvious to the intellect. You see, with negative thinking a vicious cycle may be created in which negative experiences, or even your exclusive observations of negative events in the world, then justifies to the intellect the holding of the corresponding negative belief. The intellect thereby becomes convinced that these negative beliefs are absolutely rational. After all, why shouldn't you be negative, isn't war and hatred, murder and cruelty, living proof and ample evidence of the existence of evil and of the hopeless corruption of mankind. Why should you change any of your negative beliefs about the world or about humanity, your negative beliefs will seem to be warranted and completely appropriate, not negative at all, but on the contrary very realistic. What you must come to appreciate in yourself is that there is a direct relationship between the beliefs you hold about reality and the real events which seem to be just happening to you. This is the real explanation of your destiny. Though you cant see your beliefs they none the less have substance which possess a magnetic force, this force attracts events to it as if by magic, and thus forms your lifes history.

When you are able to appreciate the power of negative beliefs, then you will be able discard them. If you discard them, what may happen is that a definite psychological vacuum may be created which may make you feel quite strange. You may feel like an emptied vessel, which will have the psychological effect of making your life seem hallow and pointless. To heal this feeling what is needed right away is fresh and new more healthy life affirming beliefs to replace the old negative beliefs. This whole process of clearing and reseeding is not as difficult as it may seem. You will not need to spend countless hours in deep self analysis, and you don't need to go into a hermitage to find your negative beliefs. Your intellect will cooperate with you if you sincerely accept that there is a real relationship between your negative beliefs and your negative experiences. You will see things then automatically start to turn around. Your new insight will open the blocked unconscious information and reveal the unconscious connections between your negative behavior or experience and the corresponding negative belief. This revelation will serve to release you from your negative beliefs emotional and intellectual bondage. Knowledge is power, Knowledge is also a great healer.

It is time you took back control, starting today, change all your negative believes into positive beliefs. Believe that wonderful, exciting, fulfilling events will happen to you. Believe the world is a good place, believe that mankind may be flawed, but is loving and lovable. Believe that you deserve abundance, love, happiness and joy over flowing. Believe that you will get all these things and more. What could be the harm in it ? At worst you could be accused of being an impractical dreamer, but you see, no one can ever deny you your beliefs. You can be denied your freedom, but you can never be denied your freedom to believe.Now if you have lived believing in a harsh, ugly reality, you will die a very unhappy person. If you believed that Love is the only true reality, then you will die a very happy person. You are going to die, one way or another, so why not die happily, what possible rational argument could you have against it.

While you adopt your new life affirming beliefs, you will be greatly aided by assuming an attitude of self honesty, self trust, and self love.

This course of action is the simplest way to change your lifes Karma. Believe in all things good, believe in love and the indomitable force of human cooperation, believe in boundless creation and ever lasting joy. It may seem pie in the sky, but the awesome power of beliefs may be harnessed and turned into a creative force to change your life for the better. Look at the power that beliefs have had in the world, beliefs are what spawned the many magnificent cultures and societies which now exist all over the world, cultures with their complex diversity, beauty, and originality. Put the power of beliefs to work for yourself and create a better world for everyone. Create good deeds, create good karma, believe in the good.

Wrtten by Avananda



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