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Avananda has the highest accreditation in the field of yoga, E-RYT-500-T and is registered with Yoga Alliance. This means she is qualifies to teach other yoga teacher how to teach yoga.

Yoga Retreats on Maui

Avananda was born in Hungary in 1952 and at the age of 5 she and her family made a daring escape from Hungary, fleeing the Soviets. They then moved to Canada where she then traveled extensively as a child with her parents. Avananda developed an early interest in Art, Philososphy, Metaphysics and physical culture. Avananda has made a life long effort to understand the nature of human consciousness and physical reality which lead her to study yoga at the age of 20. Avananda has studied many styles of yoga and has developed her own style which she says is the safest most effective blend of techniques postures available

Then in the year 2000, Avananda created this web site called hathayogalesson.com which was the first site on the web to use animated gifs to teach exercise. Avananda created these gifs to help her yoga students better understand the poses at a glance and for a convenient reference when practicing from home. Avananda is now credited with the invention of the yoga teaching gif.

When Avananda arrived on Maui in the early 1990's she fell in love with ocean surfing and started her own surfing school on Maui which she operated successfully for 8 years. To help her surfing students she created a video to teach them the basics of surfing, and as fate would have it, the video was the first beginning surfing lesson to be put on video in the world and it is now proudly displayed in the Oceanside Surfing Museum of California. The video has been recently remastered and will soon be available again from her surfing website.

Always progressive and innovative Avananda continues to create more and more effective tools to help her students achieve better health and greater enjoyment of life.

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