Stress Relief Exercise

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The Arm Forward Stretch

Arms Forward Stretch Purpose

This exercise is one in a series designed to relieve stress and tension from the middle of your shoulders and the nape of the neck. By contracting and stretching these areas tension is released from the whole body.

Arms Forward Stretch Instructions

Bring your arms up to shoulder level. Clasp your hands together and press them onto your chest. Lift your head up and stare at the ceiling, hold this position a second or two, let the muscles in the neck area stretch. Drap a towel around your neck if this movement is difficult for you . INHALE then EXHALE and lower your head, press your chin onto your chest. Simultaneously stretch your arms straight out in front of your chest at shoulder level. Inhale and return the hands to the chest and lift the head up and back. This is one set, do three sets.

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